Created from 100% Indian Remy Human Hair, our expertly curated range of Luxury Gold Human Hair Extensions are the answer to all of your premium and luxe hair goals. With 21 natural shades curated with you in mind, the Luxury Gold collection has been designed to blend in seamlessly with the texture of your own hair. Clip-ins created with mini tape-like wefts for the ultimate undetectable finish, and 22" Ponytail constructed with a secure wraparound design - for hair that lasts. Incredibly thick and voluminous from root to tip, make these premium picks your new hair heroes in attaining luxurious lengths. Wear Them Your Way - whether curled, waved, straightened or wanded - Luxury Gold Human Hair can be heat styled and treated just like your own.

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    Luxury Gold 22" Human Hair Pony
    Luxury Gold 22" Human Hair Pony

    Luxury Gold 22" Human Hair Pony

    $268 $134
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    Luxury Gold 18" 150g 5 Piece Human Hair Extensions
    Luxury Gold 18" 150g 5 Piece Human Hair Extensions

    Luxury Gold 18" 150g 5 Piece Human Hair Extensions

    from $268 $228
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    Luxury Gold 20" 200g 5 Piece Human Hair Extensions
    Luxury Gold 20" 200g 5 Piece Human Hair Extensions

    Luxury Gold 20" 200g 5 Piece Human Hair Extensions

    from $345 $293
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    Luxury Gold 22" 250g 5 Piece Human Hair Extensions
    Luxury Gold 22" 250g 5 Piece Human Hair Extensions

    Luxury Gold 22" 250g 5 Piece Human Hair Extensions

    from $421 $358
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    Human Hair Colour Sample
    Human Hair Colour Sample

    Human Hair Colour Sample

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With over 21 different colours to choose from, finding your perfect shade of remy hair extensions for a seamless blend requires a precise colour match. You can find our colour match service via our website live chat and video call or you can email our customer service team for more guidance. Alternatively, you can opt for colour swatches via our website to find the perfect blend at your own home here.


Applying clips ins for first time can seem a little dauting, but with a bit of trial and error, you'll be an expert in no time, all you need to do is follow these simple steps.

1.) Begin at the nape of your head and neck, sectioning your natural hair for precise application.

2.) Taking the 3 clip style weft, pop open the clips and slide the weft into your natural hair before snapping shut each clip to secure. Let down the section of your natural hair and brush through hair and Hair Extensions together.

3.) Taking another section of the Human Hair Extensions, repeat this step with the 5 clip weft to ensure they are applied correctly.

4.) Section above and repeat again using the 4 clip weft for added thickness, length and volume.

5.) With the final 2 clip wefts, section your hair and apply each piece towards the front of your hair for a soft, voluminous, face-framing finish.

6.) Let down the rest of your natural hair on top, and then brush through your hair and the extensions simultaneously for a seamless blend.

Alternatively, you can watch a step by step guide to applying clips in our blog or Youtube below.


You are able to wash your Luxury Gold Human Hair Extensions as these are made from 100% Remy Human Hair. You can follow these steps below to ensure you are getting the most from your clip in extensions to allow longevity to wear and keep the highest quality of hair.

1.)  Fill your sink or a large bowl with lukewarm water and place your Hair Extensions into the water, keeping the clips above the water to prevent damage and keep the quality.

2.) Gently apply a small amount of LullaBellz Shampoo to the hair from wefts right through to the ends.

3.)  Swirl your Clip In Extensions around in the water gently. Avoid rubbing the hair together as this can encourage tangling.

4.) Next, remove the extensions from the water and rinse them under a running tap. Gently squeeze out any excess water or Shampoo residue until the water runs clear.

5.) Apply your LullaBellz Conditioner treatment (focusing most of the product on the mid-lengths and ends) and comb through from weft to ends

6.) Next, rinse the extensions under a running tap, holding the extensions at the top length down, near the clips.

7.) Squeeze out any excess water and conditioner residue, until the water runs clear (make sure to rinse in the same direction to avoid tangling) out of the extension wefts and leave to air dry naturally after washed for a natural finish.

Can these clip in hair extensions be heat styled?

Yes, these clip ins can be heat styled. Whether you want them in cute curls, bouncy waves or just sleek and straight, our Luxury Gold Human Hair extensions can be heat styled and treated just like your own.

However, just like your real natural hair, we'd recommend applying applying a heat protectant (like our 12 in 1 Hot Girl Spritz) to help protect the tips of the hair and ensure the longevity of the remy human hair.

Are these remy human hair extensions?

Yes, these extensions are made from 100% remy human hair. This means that the hair is completely natural and collected with the cuticle still in tact. The benefits of using remy hair extensions over non-remy products include:

- Remy hair is a much higher quality hair and can be styled into a variety of hairstyles (wave, curl, straight and ponytail)
- Remy hair can be dyed, however, just like your natural hair, some colours and extensive dying can damage the hair extensions longevity. Just remember not to make any drastic colour changes!
- Remy human hair extensions with the cuticle still in tact will be resistant to tangling
- The natural cuticle of the hair extensions typically allow the hair to flow and move more naturally when compared to non-remy products
- Clip ins made with remy human hair will also keep their silky appearance as they naturally hold their moisture


Absolutely! To style your Clip In Hair Extensions it is important to create a natural seamless blend to ensure your Natural Hair and the Hair Extensions combine to add volume and create a long lasting look. This process is crucial to layer and section your own hair from the extensions whilst clipping in. Once your clips are in place, smooth over the layered sections to ensure these are secured and blended. Repeat the process to create the desired hairstyle. If you have thicker or blunter hair, this may require a hairdresser to thin out your own hair and create temporary layers for a more permanent extensions look.


You are more than welcome to return your human hair clip ins. Just remember:

- Start your return within the 14 day return period
- Return the item unused and in the original packaging
- Human hair extensions must be sealed correctingl including the samply weft inside the pouch
- These items must be returned via our returns portal, or you can contact our dedicated customer service team for more guidance

If you have any concerns prior to purchasing, please speak to our customer service team who will be able to offer you all the guidance you need on your order.

What are your delivery terms for Human Hair Extensions?

UK Delivery

We offer free next working day delivery on our human hair products.

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We offer free EU standard delivery at checkout on our human hair clip ins.

US Delivery

We offer free US standard delivery at checkout for human hair items.

Rest of the World

Outside of these regions, shipping costs be will be calculated at checkout dependent on your region.