Beauty Glow

Achieve the perfect golden hour glow without the tanning drama. Specially formulated to enhance skin tone and add a bronzed lustre for that sun-kissed glow. Streak-free and transparent, BeautyGlow Tanning Glow Water and Tanning Glow Drops guarantee an even and radiance-boosting finish to all skin types.

Curated for glow getters in search for the perfect face and body enhancing tanning products, infused with skin-loving ingredients Aloe Vera and Vitamin C to deeply hydrate and nourish skin with every application. Radiant, bronzed and glowing skin is only a click away with Beauty Glow..

I need to find my perfect shade, can you help?

At LullaBellz, we offer a FREE Online Colour Match service by sending in photos of your hair to our shade experts. We also offer Synthetic & Human Hair Colour Samples - allowing you to match up your shade at home. If you're still unsure, check out our full colour chart which displays all of the shades we offer in high quality.

How do I apply my new hairpiece?

Applying any of our hairpieces at home is super easy to do (even for beginners). So if you're brand new to the world of Clip-Ins, Ponytails, Braids or Wigs - don't fret! Check out our YouTube channel or Instagram platform below for application tutorials, top tips and hair hacks on applying your new LullaBellz hairpiece with total ease.

Can I Wash my hair extensions?

Keeping your Hair Extensions maintained and in good condition is the key to their longevity! Our brand new Haircare range which includes Hair Fuel Shampoo & Conditioner products have been specifically formulated for use with our Premium Synthetic Hair, Luxury Gold Human Hair (and can be used on your natural hair, too!) Additionally, check out our blog below for our top tips on maintaining your new hairpiece!

I have short hair, will the hair extensions blend?

Absolutely! For shorter hair types, we either recommend our 1 Piece Clip-ins or 5 Piece Clip-ins to ensure a seamless blend. If your natural hair has a blunt cut or is thick towards the ends, opt for our Super Thick 5 Piece Hair Extensions for a seamless blend. For short hair which is on the finer side, you'll need our 1 Piece Hair Extensions as these provide all the length and volume you need, without the added bulk.

Can I return my hairpiece if it doesn't match?

We offer returns on all unopened Hair Extensions within 30 days, providing your product adheres to our hygiene policy and hasn't been opened and/or worn. Please refer to our full policy below for more details.